Friday, 5 August 2011

Understanding The Legal Value Of Treaties With Turtle Island Peoples

Overview : Finding contemporary legal applications to historical agreements / understandings or treaties between Turtle Island Peoples and other nations or commercial enterprises : the role of nation-to-nation Treaties [see TIP NEWS CENTRAL]. And, understanding the roles and rules of currency : banks : history

There is a great and credible legacy of confederacy among the traditional and customary Peoples of these lands known as Turtle Island.

In particular, there remains today, after 13,000+years, a catalogue of evident governance which precedes that of Europe and Asia.

The oral traditions - as historically told within stories passed down through generations by selected tellers and speakers - have established a knowledge through governance that has generated global respect for its voluminous contributions to societal values, customs and mutual benefit laws / of common laws that may be regarded as international law today.

It is imperative to examine "treaties" and agreements as a form of binding nation-to-nation; or, a nation's Peoples with commercial agents.

And, within these parameters, it is essential, today, to formulate the modern era applications of law to these agreements and events - or, finding the credible factors of these historical treaties : examining the authenticity of these understandings first through the eyes of Turtle Island Peoples.